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Round 103 Galaxy Rankings

RankNameScoreActual scoreSizeCoords
1ITS A HOAX99,673,557100,032,25314,1905:5
2Barbies pet TURTLE87,293,34987,474,41723,1085:9
3Sweede Inside78,569,30079,084,82619,2362:5
4A Galaxy Far Far Away74,171,45574,375,24119,7013:7
6God is a DJ71,506,86871,778,66623,3953:8
7The Dungeon71,144,71171,477,87118,7622:10
8HEINRICHS WET DREAM70,133,98472,180,92216,7747:1
9SAMUEL SAYS68,223,34368,325,47317,3546:8
107 ate 967,429,62768,491,41615,0667:8
12A Galaxy Far Far Away66,399,76567,309,33817,4283:9
13Here be dragons65,920,47066,460,76914,1385:3
14A Galaxy Far Far Away65,826,58065,983,83112,4514:9
16DAVS GROUPIES65,217,01665,453,0328,2903:4
17A Galaxy Far Far Away64,705,60864,771,77316,3996:1
18Just Another Day in Barrydise63,342,90263,338,93714,1663:1
19Random coincidental accident60,856,54862,070,54214,9125:2
20CaRn Attitude60,843,62260,955,96412,2763:3
21EXECUTIVE LOUNGE RELOADED60,779,23762,150,0907,3812:8
22A black hole far far away59,055,03359,881,89416,4721:6
23A Galaxy Far Far Away58,911,65159,309,96513,9254:3
24NO TEK ONLY GREG THE DRUNK57,812,86657,812,83412,8707:5
25Remember the VGN 957,766,97157,765,00311,5126:4
27A Galaxy Far Far Away55,894,34757,590,43617,8332:2
28A Galaxy Far Far Away55,788,05356,427,26314,5125:6
30A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away55,011,38955,024,74313,6235:8
31A Galaxy Far Far Away54,979,09656,223,80514,2094:5
32The independent state54,743,63854,741,9257,7565:1
33THE DISMISSED SHAKIRA54,120,96755,439,3626,8782:3
34A Galaxy Far Far Away53,993,18054,762,7019,6102:7
35Mostly Harmless53,355,37353,335,76411,1372:1
36Under New Management52,681,57352,637,32313,3271:7
37A Galaxy Far Far Away52,123,39354,512,57910,0891:3
38Cuddle Monsters51,350,10956,195,50110,6911:10
39Leaving a Little Sparkle50,737,01850,895,06510,9126:7
40A Galaxy Far Far Away50,132,79050,265,6809,2372:9
41A Galaxy Far Far Away49,066,00150,977,8809,5237:9
42Galaxy of Galaxies We GAG48,821,17448,841,73913,9542:6
43A Galaxy on Fire47,608,46247,608,46211,6615:7
44Rock Solid46,315,82246,369,51612,2634:4
45A Galaxy Far Far Away45,635,68045,846,6958,5086:3
46EXZHILARATING Farm Gal45,423,42846,134,69612,9961:2
47A Galaxy Far Far Away45,116,57245,627,5409,9833:5
48The Lone Star Place44,438,93845,055,27813,9185:4
49Tom Jones Fan Club44,340,86244,471,7819,3541:9
50A Galaxy Knocking on Your Door43,315,93343,982,31611,3373:2
51A galaxy not so far away42,858,72243,414,45110,8274:1
52A Galaxy Far Far Away40,472,48840,713,56913,5251:8
54A Galaxy like no other40,168,07540,206,77910,9954:2
55Your friendly neighbors39,691,80940,088,8999,1756:2
56YOU ARE NOT WORTH OUR EFFORT38,752,65538,749,8654,6302:4
57A Galaxy Far Far Away38,626,30239,432,0058,7847:2
58A Galaxy Far Far Away36,524,73536,461,4088,0067:3
59Galname in progress33,779,10934,309,2617,9777:4
60A Galaxy Far Far Away31,604,72133,053,6037,6731:5
61A Galaxy Far Far Away30,323,10031,088,7207,2811:4
62A Galaxy Far Far Away29,115,51230,202,4288,7407:7
63The regret of quests25,645,71625,740,3626,3401:1
64A Galaxy Far Far Away17,533,48018,579,7765,0364:6
65A Small Dying Galaxy13,196,07813,324,1233,4267:6
66A Galaxy Far Far Away187,5011,136,239274200:13
67A Galaxy Far Far Away88,743161,000171200:6
68A Galaxy Far Far Away50,457172,305235200:4
69A Galaxy Far Far Away49,417222,509330200:2
70A Galaxy Far Far Away24,435126,106150200:11
71A Galaxy Far Far Away22,214108,701126200:9
72A Galaxy Far Far Away20,783172,226143200:12
73A Galaxy Far Far Away17,359130,227153200:7
74A Galaxy Far Far Away9,743115,38562200:10
75A Galaxy Far Far Away186127,167171200:1
76A Galaxy Far Far Away00200:18
78A Galaxy Far Far Away097,8580200:3